• How It Works

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    Step 1

    DonAid can be used in conjunction with any electronic terminal or system used for commerce.


    So that includes:

    • POS terminal systems
    • Websites
    • Phone apps
    • Bank ATMs
    • SMS donation platforms
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    Step 2

    Once a charity has chosen its fund raising partner, the terminal is updated with a few lines of additional software.


    POS system providers can effect this as part of their regular product & product updates

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    Step 3

    The donation transaction may be

    • A direct donation
    • Round-up purchase of a CRM product
    • Use of an affinity card
    • Ticket purchase for a gala
    • Or any financial transaction made through a participating channel
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    Step 4

    When the transaction is made, the terminal delivers a donation TAG (in text or QR form) to the donor.


    This acts as both a receipt, and a tracking reference.

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    Step 5

    By scanning the code, the donor can request confirmation and proof of final delivery of their donation.


    There is no minimum amount. A single cent, penny, yen, or sen can be actively tracked and audited.

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    Step 6

    For convenience, the donor is encouraged to register to receive notification of final delivery. The donor can also be motivated by:

    • Competitions and promotions offered by the collection agent / commercial partner
    • Appropriate updates on the progress of the charity project they have just supported
    • Tax credit confirmation (in applicable countries)

    With the donor's consent, charities may send

    • Project progress reports
    • Requests for additional small donations