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    See The Money Arrive

    A global audit trail for low denomination donations to charity

  • Key Features

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    Every Donation Counts

    With DonAid, every micro-donation made via a charity's partnership with a retailer, coffee shop, website, or CRM campaign generates a unique receipt and tracking reference

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    Real Time Tracking

    With no extra effort from the charity or their fundraising partner, the donor is offered real time tracking, and proof of delivery for their individual donation.


    And donor confidence builds repeat donations.

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    Additionally, DonAid provides a "TalkBack" feature, allowing charities and their partners to communicate back to these donors

    • Provide narrative on the chosen projects
    • Encourage further donations.
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    What It Is

    It's an audit trail system for low denomination donations, when they're given via third party collection agents.


    By increasing transparency, it increases donor confidence (and donation volume).


    It dramatically simplifies the oversight and administration of fundraising partnerships.


    It gives brand protection, both to the charities and to their fundraising partnerships


    It's also a way to help charities communicate with low denomination donors, who might otherwise be uncontactable.

  • Operating Partnership


    The initial development is being commissioned in Malaysia.


    The target launch date will be in spring 2025, and we are now inviting Malaysian charities and their fundraising professionals to discuss participation.


    System operation requires a locally formed sdn bhd, owned and controlled by local charities. Apart from improving donation flow for all participating charities, the sdn bhd operates commercially as a for-profit entity, with net profits returning to founder charities.

  • Benefits

    What Are The Benefits For Using DonAid For Different Stakeholders?

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    • Increased donor confidence equals increased donation flow
    • No set up charges
    • No operating charges
    • No deductions on donations
    • A ringgit given is a ringgit received
    • Greatly reduced overheads when running partnership fundraising projects
    • Wider access to new fundraising partnerships
    • The DonAid audit trail removes any risk of brand damage from missing donations


    • TalkBack
      • The ability to message back to the micro donors, to build further and continuing support
      • TalkBack is a paid product when used by charities
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    Collection Agents

    • Greatly reduced management costs for CSR activity
      • Zero cost audit trail of every donation
      • Verifiable proof of delivery of every individual donation
      • Total brand and reputational protection
    • New opportunities for creative CSR promotion to customer base
    • New opportunities for promotion of CSR credentials to staff and other stakeholders
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    • Immediate issuance of donation receipt and tracking Tag
    • Proof of delivery
    • Optional feedback of the progress of relevant project
    • Optional participation in Collection Agent promotion and competitions
    • In relevant countries, free end-of-year confirmation of qualifying tax credits.
  • About Us

    DonAid started as a private family initiative, following a family supper debate about the world, what's wrong with it, and what to do about it.


    That led to some thinking, and the development of US Patent No. 8392325.


    Today, the intellectual property and development program is owned by Interum Ltd, a (family owned) company registered in Gibraltar.


  • Contact

    In Malaysia, contact

    Richard Davies

    B-12-01 Marc Residence

    Jalan Pinang

    50450 Kuala Lumpur

    Email: Richard@DonAid.Com

    Phone / WhatsApp: +6012 614 0459